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The Group's container leasing, management and sale businesses, operated and managed by Florens Container Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries ("Florens"), the world's third largest container leasing company. At 31 December 2011, fleet size had reached 1,777,792 TEUs, representing approximately 12.5% of global market share.

We provide comprehensive long and short-term container leasing and container management services to our customers. To minimise market cyclical risk, most lease contracts are long-term so as to maintain a relatively high utilisation rate and provide a stable source of income. In 2011, revenue from long-term leasing accounted for 93.8% of total leasing revenue and the overall average utilisation rate of the Group's containers was 96.1%, which was slightly higher than the industry average of approximately 95.0%. Our key customers include the world's top ten shipping lines, with revenue from these lines accounting for 70.3% of total leasing revenue in 2011.

While expanding its container fleet, the Group is ensuring a balanced development of the container leasing, management and sale businesses to lower investment risk. At 31 December 2011, the owned container fleet reached 874,160 TEUs , which represented 49.2% of the total container fleet. The sale-and-leaseback container fleet size amounted to 229,283 TEUs, which represented 12.9% of the total container fleet size. The managed container fleet size amounted to 674,349 TEUs, representing 37.9% of the total fleet size.

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