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COSCO Pacific fully awares its responsibilities to the society and the environment. While striving to create value for shareholders, We also seeks to contribute to the society by actively participating in social welfare activities.

Taking a proactive role in charities and poverty alleviation, COSCO Pacific has been donating RMB 2,000,000 annually to the COSCO Charity Foundation since 2006, with an aim to aid poverty-stricken areas and families in China Mainland.

During the year, COSCO Pacific also participated in the “School-Company Partnership Programme” organised by the Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs Development Council. This programme provides Hong Kong teenagers with an opportunity to communicate with entrepreneurs and to acquire some understanding of the economic sector as well as to enhance their ability to cope with challenges.

In addition, the senior management of COSCO Pacific delivers leadership and entrepreneurship lectures to students at universities in both mainland China and Hong Kong while the Company welcomed guests to our offices and port facilities from high schools and all sectors who would like to learn about and exchange views on our business.

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