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COSCO Pacific included in Standard & Poor's global 30 selected stocks

In 2005 January issue analysis report by Standard & Poor's, COSCO Pacific was included in Standard & Poor's global 30 selected stocks in the year. The report points out that COSCO Pacific, as the leading entrepreneur in investing and operating the ports over the world, and having a series of acquisition activities in China and overseas, can further enhance its prospect of profit growth. Because of the persistent growth in shipping market, the company has more potential acquisition projects as a safeguard. The current valuation is considered to be reasonable.

Aside from COSCO Pacific, few Hong Kong and China companies such as Esprit, China Mobile and Cathy Pacific were included in the selected list. Others include worldwide prominent entrepreneurs such as Goldman Sachs, Dell, Burberry and Canon.

The global 30 selected stock list is co-selected by 100 Standard & Poor analysts. Ten stocks come from United States, Europe and Asia respectively. Vice President and Director of Research Department, Standard & Poor, Cheng Wan pointed out that the aim of this simulated portfolio is to outperform the Standard & Poor Global 1200 index.


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