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"Best Listed Entrepreneur in Investor Relations" by Institutional Investor Research Group.

Report issued by Institutional Investor Research Group, selects the best China and Hong Kong listed companies in investor relations. This polling consists of two assessments. The first is performance ranking in the work of investor relations. The second is choosing the best entrepreneur in corporate governance voted by the analysts. Totally 16 China and Hong Kong listed entrepreneurs were selected in the poll. Viewed by the analysts, COSCO Pacific is in the lists of two assessments, being ranked third in investor relations, and seventh in the best enterprises in corporate governance.

Security analysts who participated in the poll believe that, enhancement in communication with senior management, as well as transparency and quality in financial statement; can raise the corporate governance of the company. No matter investor or analysts, they hope to keep in contact with senior management, not only the chairman, CEO and CFO, but also head of the operation departments.

Besides, enhancing communication and information disclosure can improve investor relations, which is also part of the measurements of corporate governance level. However, investor relations cannot change the policies about corporate governance. Therefore, listed companies with good investor relations may not have same credit in corporate governance.

Because of industry integration, merging & acquisition activities of the mainland entrepreneurs become increasingly popular. Maintaining a high level of investor relations and corporate governance is the key in building up the investor confidence. For the sake of broadening the investor bases, many mainland entrepreneurs are determined to build good relations with Europe and American investors recently. In the meantime, senior management of many mainland entrepreneurs put investor communicating activities as their top priority in investor relations.

Investor relations work of COSCO Pacific has acquired affirmation from institutional investors in capital market, which encourages us most. Facing the future challenges, we will continue to maintain a high quality work in investor relations, in order to strengthen investor's confidence, raise the market capitalization of the entrepreneur and create wealth for shareholders.


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