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COSCO Pacific included in "Forbes Global 2000"

Reputed United States magazine, Forbes, selected the 2005's global best 2000 entrepreneurs, in its "The Forbes Global 2000" polling published on 18th April. COSCO Pacific, was ranked 1899th, with US$ 258 million in turnover, US$155 million in profit, US$1.9 billion in net asset value and US$4.8 billion in market capitalization.

According to "Forbes", the criteria of the ranking are not only based on sales turnover and market scale of the entrepreneur, but also the four indices: turnover, profit, net asset value and market capitalization of the conglomerates. The 2000 entrepreneurs in the list come up with US$ 22 trillions in turnover and US $2.3 trillions in total profit, which grow robustly by 71% comparing with that in previous year.

According to the ranking, United States has the largest quantity of entrepreneur in the list, amounting to 711. Japan comes next with 326. United Kingdom has 140. Besides, Taiwan has 35, while China and Hong Kong has 25 and 28 respectively.

"Forbes" is the most prestigious business magazine in US, having nearly 5 million readers in the world. With headquarter in New York, the magazine is one of the most authoritative institutes in research of wealth distribution in the world. The fact that COSCO Pacific becoming one of the best 2000 large entrepreneurs selected by the magazine, affirmed that COSCO was further acquainted and recognized by international investors.


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