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COSCO Pacific wins ALB Award

COSCO Pacific was presented the "Shipping In-House Team of the Year Award" by the prestigious legal magazine "Asian Legal Business" on 23rd September 2005 for its outstanding performance in legal affairs.

Researchers and analysts of the "Asian Legal Business" magazine interviewed a few hundreds of influential figures in the legal profession, including company legal consultants and solicitors in law firms to select the finalist companies for this award. They then reviewed in each of the finalist companies their professional standard, professional conduct and ability in dealing contingency in handling corporate legal affairs, and finally the winner of the Award is chosen.

The assessment committee comprises of legal consultants from a number of prominent entrepreneur such as: HSBC, Hutchison Port Holdings, Cathay Pacific and Morgan Stanley, whose professional standard is widely recognized in the legal profession. Being a listed company with red chip background, COSCO Pacific won this award finally reflects the affirmation of our legal professional standard by the market.

Since publication, ALB magazine is recognized in introducing and reporting movements and incidents in Asian legal profession as well as probing legal matters, with high degree of influence in the profession. The winning of COSCO Pacific Ltd not only reveals the corporate governance level, especially in legal affair, is recognized by the industry, but also largely enhances the credibility of COSCO Group in the international capital market. This is also a new stage for improvement in our legal profession standard onwards and a further enhancement to the image of COSCO Group.


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