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COSCO Pacific's 2004 annual report wins the honors for overall presentation in "2005 International ARC Awards"

COSCO Pacific's 2004 Annual Report with the theme of "Accelerating Growth", won the honors for overall presentation in "2005 International ARC Awards".

The International ARC Awards, established by MerComm, Inc. in 1987, were created to honor overall excellence in annual reports in terms of its creativity, clarity, effectiveness and excellence. It has achieved world-wide recognition for its professionalism, integrity and fairness in the judging process.

Entries are judged for creativity, clarity, effectiveness and excellence in communicating a company's message and philosophy. They are also evaluated on the presentation of corporate information, clarity of written text, expression of financial data and how well the spirit of the organization is communicated. The competition is open to corporations, small companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and associations, as well as agencies and individuals involved in producing annual reports.

This year, nearly 1,900 entries in 12 major categories were submitted from 25 countries. COSCO Pacific is gratified to be chosen out of numerous entries from 25 countries around the world. And it is also the first international award COSCO Pacific has won for its Annual Report.


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