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COSCO Pacific named "Best 50 Companies in Asia"

Financial magazine "CFO Asia" conducted a research on past five years' returns of 462 listed companies in Asia recently, and announced the best 50 companies in Asia. COSCO Pacific was ranked 40th with increasing value of average US$334 million per year for shareholders in past five years.

The research based on 5 years' profit return of 462 listed companies between 1999 and 2004 to list out the best 50 companies in Asia. Fifteen listed companies in Hong Kong were selected, taking up 30% of the total. The second is Korea, taking up 20% of the total. Singapore takes up 12%, while Indonesia, Taiwan and India takes up 8% respectively. Malaysia and Thailand each takes up 6% and Philippines takes up 1% only.

Out of the selected 60 listed companies, Samsung Electronics of Korea was ranked 1st by creating value of average US$7.323 billions for shareholders per year. Singapore Telecom is the second, creating value of average US $3.156 billions per year. Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong is the third with the amount of US$2.218 billions. Besides, Esprit, ranking 21st, creates wealth of average US$514 millions annually for shareholders. Being ocean freight stock too, China Merchant's Holding (International) is ranked 49th with profit value of US$267.

COSCO Pacific persists in the principle of "Creating Wealth for shareholders". The award shows that investors recognized and affirmed our company's level in corporate governance as well as profit results.


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