About CSP


COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (Stock Code: 1199), is a leading ports operator in the world; its terminals portfolio covers the five main port regions in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean. As at 31 December 2017, COSCO SHIPPING Ports operated and managed 269 berths at 35 ports worldwide, of which 179 were for containers, with a total annual handling capacity of 102.72 million TEU.

COSCO SHIPPING Ports has adopted "The Ports for ALL" as its mission and is working towards building a global terminal network with controlling stake that offers linkage effects on costs, services and synergies, a synergistic platform that offers mutual benefits to all in the shipping industry, connecting global routes and becoming truly "the ports for all people". COSCO SHIPPING Ports' controlling shareholder is COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 1919), whose parent company China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, is the largest integrated shipping enterprises in the world.