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COSCO Pacific strongly believes that good investor relations play an essential role in creating shareholder value. This corporate activity combines the disciplines of communications and finance, thereby providing stakeholders with an accurate portrayal of the Company’s performance and prospects. Effective investor relations have a positive effect on shareholder value relative to that of the overall market and reduce our cost of capital.

COSCO Pacific endeavours to develop an effective two-way communications process between the financial community and senior management. Investor Relations manages the dissemination of financial, strategic and legal information to stakeholders including institutional and retail investors, financial analysts, stockbrokers, regulatory bodies and the media.

Our communication process includes:

  • Establishing and updating senior management regarding the most up-to-date disclosure policies and practices, while being aware of developments in corporate governance and disclosure regulations locally and internationally.
  • Providing senior management and board of directors with a clear understanding of the market’s views and why those views are held.
  • Communicating clear, accurate, credible and consistent corporate information to the financial community with the aim of ensuring all investors are fully and fairly informed about all material information, thereby enabling them to make rational decisions that should result in the Company’s securities trading at fair value over the long term.
  • Analysing the Company’s ownership structure, including regular analysis of the security register to determine the identity and mix of institutional and retail security holders.
  • Building a high quality shareholder base to ensure long-term access to diversified sources of capital.
  • Developing trust and credibility for the Company in the capital markets.
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